Rugged, high-performance conventional mobiles that are
     easy to  integrate and customise - ideal for voice and
     A range of products designed specifically tosupport the
     development of mobile data business solutions.

TM8000 trunked radios are rugged, high performance mobiles providing comprehensive voice and data solutions for trunked radio applications.
With the TM8235 and TM8255 radios, Tait offers a choice of trunked mobiles to meet a variety of needs, ensuring innovative solutions for operators and end users alike.

Dual Mode Operation
These radios provide flexible coverage for users, supporting multiple MPT 1327 networks while also operating in conventional mode when outside network coverage areas.
With exceptional RF performance, rugged design and advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, the TM8255 and TM8235 have all the key features of the TM8000 range.

Enkele algemene kenmerken:
- 25W, 40W (UHF) and50W (VHF) power output
- Eenvoudige integratie en instelbaar
- Stevige constructie en uiterst performant
- Uitgebreide Selcallmogelijkheden
- SpraakScramble