TB 7100 Basisstation/repeater

The TB7100 base station/repeater is compact, competitively priced and based on a proven RF platform. This product has 25W, 40W (UHF) and 50W (VHF) power output, and with its effective cooling it offers continuous duty operation at temperatures of up to 60C. The TB7100 can be used with either an external DC power supply or an internal AC power supply, and comes in a 19 inch 1U rack bin, which can be wall mounted. Fitted with an optional internal duplexer, this base station is capable of full duplex operation for either a voice or data channel.

- Affordable
- Compact
- All modules programmable from single front panel port
- Compact - comes in a 1U, 19 inch rack bin
- High Speed Data capable - data rates up to 19.2kbps
- Continuous duty operation - effective cooling
- Proven RF platform
- Full duplex operation

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